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We're choosing to play our part by keeping our smiles hidden, with our safety conscious, high fashion, quality made face masks. 

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All our face masks consists of 3 very important layers of material.

Outside Layers: The two outside layers are composed of a 100% natural fibre material, insuring good air ventilation and air flow.

Middle Layer: The internal filter is composed of non-woven fibres, known to prevent the spread of germs and coronavirus much more effectively. We use an approved 25-40gsm Filter material, approved by WHO (The World Health Organisation) 

What you need to know when buying a face mask:

Coronavirus has been identified as being smaller than .1 micron in size. On a microscopic level, standard cotton and linen material unfortunately have enough space between their yarns for .1 of a micron to move through. 

Comparatively, standard surgical masks which are made of a non-woven material have been scientifically proven to decrease the chance of these microns penetrating through, increasing the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

To increase the effectiveness of our masks, we have included 1 layer of non-woven material inside all of our cotton and linen masks to increase your safety against germs!

Stay safe | noho haumaru 
- Sheridan